About Us

Tulip Radio is Spalding's dedicated Local Radio Station which has been serving the community of South Holland since spring 2001.

Tulip Radio provides an entertaining and informative service, broadcasting a wide range of music, news, information and topical issues related to the local community. The station is a unifying voice across a sparsely populated rural area, and involves all sections of the community in and around Spalding. It relies on volunteers and donations to provide a key service for local residents: it interacts with the community, so rather than being just a radio station, it has become a hub for the community to access services and gain skills. It provides a space for participation in local life and a platform for people to have their voices heard.

Tulip Radio improves the lives of its listeners through a variety of initiatives — hosting local events, training initiatives, working with schools, and promoting local charities. The station has been involved in the South Holland Pride Awards, Youth Festival, Tulip Mania, Spalding in Bloom, Spalding and South Holland Festival of Food and Drink, Christmas Lights Switch-on, which includes the Tulip Queen competition and Schools Choir competition and Christmas Market. Participants in Tulip Radio’s training workshops have gone on to employment in local businesses, careers in the media and long-term volunteering. Feedback on our work with schools has been extremely positive, with one teacher saying, “Thank you, Tulip Radio. Your time spent with our boys at Gleed Boys has been brilliant. At least 2 boys [at risk of exclusion] have remained in school because of your input.”

All this has come about through the generosity of hundreds of volunteers giving their time for the good of their community. They have taken Tulip Radio from a small group of hobbyists broadcasting occasional shows from a shed to a full-time station, broadcasting 24/7 from their town-centre studios.